X Prize at ITU

New shooting done. During AI for Goods summit at the I.T.U. in Geneva, Switzerland.

Working for Wondros ( L.A. ), it has been a serie of interviews for XPRIZE Foundation, and specifically IBM Watson AI XPRIZE judges and team mates.

It was really interesting !  We met a lot of creative people and projects like  AI Fred, Unbenwa, Amiko, Global AI, Atom360, Mark Crowley, Anousheh Ansari, Florent Perronnin, …

Thanks to Amy, Camila, Chris (WONDROS), Rodrigue and Baptiste (ACTUA), nice crew – good job 😉

Technically :

  • Sony FS5+RAW Module, EZ Rig, Cooke obj’s
  • SoundDevices Recorder, DPA mics, Wysicom Wireless, VoiceTechnology Lav, Tentacle Sync TC


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