About me

Technicien d’exploitation Son (Sound technician) graduated from Institut National de l’Audiovisuel of Paris in 2015, since this time I work as sound engineer, boom operator and sound editing for broadcast ( RTE.ie) / documentaries (RTS,…) / film (short- and feature films for french and swiss market) / corporate (Patek Philipp,…) / video (scholars,…)


Equipment owned

Recoders: Sound Devices , Zoom, Tascam

Microphones: DPA, Oktava, stereo kits

Wireless: Wisycom, Sennheiser

and accessories



mobile phones

  • FR +33683213593 


  • benoit.frech@free.fr





annuaire romand du spectacle

annuaire technicien SSFV


Thanks to my family who supports my exciting work,

my friends and them from INA : Vincent, Thomas, Yoann, Gòran, And those who helped me so that I am here ( Christian Valera and his staff )

To all my friends who make art and culture living arts,

Benoit Frech